The smart user interface

    Closed loops in the Smart Plant connecting hot end and cold end


    The glass plant of the future

    Adopting the latest Industry 4.0 technologies is now crucial for the international glass container industry. Supplier of production technology and performance equipment for the container glass industry Heye International can offer customers a partnership on their path towards a smart plant, resulting in the creation of a highly automated and cost-effective glassworks, says Hans Renders, Head of Product Management at Heye.


    "The glass plant of the future" - Glass Worldwide Sept./Oct. 2021 - entire article


    Selection is key to defining the perfect path but it’s a challenging job to keep track of the Industry 4.0 jungle. The availability of smart user interfaces for operators has become especially important.


    The Heye Cockpit is the central user access to the Heye SpeedMaster hot end control and process intelligence portfolio. The approach employed is user-centric. The central collection point for all data from Heye SpeedLine is the

    new Communication Tower. Here, the data from all control systems of the machine are merged and managed in one central cabinet. Data integration between hot end and cold end especially helps to gain time. “With the technology

    behind Heye’s smart user interface our customers can respond quickly to changing production conditions and finally keep the overview, which is essential for efficient glass production,” underlines Hans Renders.



    As well as being the inventor of the NNPB process, Heye has set the standard in closed loop production technology. A large set of closed loop solutions gives the customer a competitive edge. Heye offers operator assistance for gob loading, closed loops for gob shape and weight for NNPB and press-blow operation with the Heye Process Control. For heavy and premium articles produced by blow-blow operation, the Heye GobMaster satisfies demand for a closed loop solution according to gob shape and weight by visual gob measurement.